Ocean renewable energy

for the sustainable future of planet Earth

Energy from the ocean

Floating Axis Wind Turbine

Marine current turbine

Wave turbine

Albatross Technology's goal is to industrialize ocean renewable energy resources which include wind, marine current, and wave.

One of these solutions is the Floating Axis Wind Turbine (FAWT), which reduces the cost of offshore wind energy even with the consideration of possible super large tropical cyclone and tsunami.

Albatross Technologyは、人類と地球環境の持続的な未来のために、海洋の風、潮流・海流、波などの海洋再生可能エネルギーを産業化します。

その一つとして、大型台風・地震津波などの厳しい事象も想定しながら発電コストを削減できる、浮遊軸型風車(Floating Axis Wind Turbine: FAWT)を開発しています。