Technologies we are presently focused on are;
  • Floating Axis Wind Turbine (floating vertical axis wind turbine)
  • Floating Axis Marine Current Turbine (tilted tidal/ocean current turbine)
  • Wave Turbine (rotational wave energy converter)
Their brief introductions and links to detailed information are as follows.

Floating Axis Wind Turbine (FAWT)

Floating Axis Wind Turbines (FAWTs)
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) rotor is mounted on a rotating cylindrical float (spar buoy). Heavy weight of the VAWT rotor is directly supported by buoyancy and multiple generator modules are around the turbine shaft (spar) in a low altitude from the water. By discarding the fixed upright position of wind turbine, you can reduce the support structures including float system. (more details)

Floating Axis Marine Current Turbine (FAMCT)

Floating Axis Marine Current Turbines (FAMCTs)
Vertical axis marine current turbine flexibly supported at the upper end of turbine shaft above water. Power take-off (PTO) system is not submerged and is free from bending moment. This configuration significantly reduces the cost of tidal current turbine and ocean current turbine. High power to weight ratio is the key to commercialization of marine current turbine. (more details)

Wave Turbine

Wave Turbine samples
The drag-type cross flow turbine (it looks like a single-bucket Savonius turbine) extracts energy directly from the orbital fluid particle motion in wave. The turbine diameter is in the order of "wave height" and easily extendable in the direction parallel to wave front. This compact and light-weight design leads to economical installation of wave energy converter. (more details)

And more ...

Wing In Surface Effect Ship (WISES) in canard configuration

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