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Albatross Technology LLC was founded in 2012 for the development of ocean renewable energy technologies which include offshore floating wind turbine, marine current turbine and wave energy converter.
  • Floating Axis Wind Turbine (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine directly supported by buoyancy)
  • Floating marine current turbine
  • Rotational wave energy converter
    and more
Almost all the problem of ocean renewable energy can be summarized by Cost of Energy (CoE). We are focusing on how to reduce the CoE produced by renewable energy sources by using the very basics of ocean engineering and naval architecture. By utilizing buoyancy, massive floating structure is possible in ocean. However, massive ocean plants similar to those of oil & gas industry are not suitable for renewable energy. It is because the cost of ocean plant is highly depending on the amount of steel usage and the profit from renewable energy is not much as oil & gas. Light weight or high "power to weight ratio" is important for the economy of renewable energy.
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